Welcome to Planet Care Solar

Planet Care is owned and operated by Garry Sanderson and specializes in the design, supply and installation of high quality solar power systems in South East Queensland. From 1.5kw to 30kw with either roof or ground mounted systems we are equipped with some of the finest solar panels from leading manufacturers such as Jinko Solar and Phono Solar, inverters from ABB (Power-One), SMA and Sungrow. We can also supply LG Chem batteries which means we can provide a range of systems to suit different energy and budget requirements.

Generating your own solar electricity is simple and appealing. Not only can you make substantial savings on your electricity bill but you can reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint in the process.

Apart from personally working on site, Garry oversees the entire process from grid applications to installation. All clients deal directly with Garry and all installers are fully certified and are chosen for their service, quality and work ethic. All work and products are fully guaranteed and after sales service is assured.

Any excess electricity produced by your system is sold back to the grid. Up to 14c/kwh is available from the electricity retailers.

If you are shocked by the rises in your electricity bills year after year or you wish to lower your carbon footprint, chat with us about your requirements.

By far the largest contributor to the increasing prices over the past six years has been network costs. Network costs represent between 45% and 55% of a typical electricity bill, and it is this component that has increased the most aggressively (see the graph from the Productivity Commission).  There has been an increase from just 16c per kwh in 2006 to 30c per kwh in 2015 and set to continue.

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power is a great way to reduce energy costs. 

Solar is an excellent investment, with over 1,000,000 Australian homes reaping the financial and environmental benefits.

Solar Power will add value to your home.

Now is the time to act. Look into Installing panels on your roof today, while there are still government subsidies to be had and start saving money now and long into the future