Hanover Solar


Hanover Solar modules are manufactured in Germany and Jiangsu, China, Our Jiangsu factory
with a combined annual capacity of 120 mw for solar modules and cells. Relying on a professional team of engineers from Germany.Use of industry-leading technology and automatic ABB production equipment, scientific and strict the German management mode. Hanover Solar production of solar modules are widely used in commercial and residential projects in Europe, Japan, Australia. And allows users to fully appreciate the high quality of German products at an affordable price.


Hanover Solar is committed to the highest levels of consistent quality in all our products. Our solar products are subjected to up to over half a dozen individual checks and inspections before being packaged. Tests include infrared scanning, electroluminescence testing, thermal cycling, freeze-thaw testing, damp-heat testing, moisture penetration and UV degradation. Finally each module is individually flash tested and results are archived in our database. Hannover solar has a professional German team of engineers, integrity and style of the use of the well-known German, to ensure that each piece solar module sold from Hannover solar GmbH are in the solar industry's boutique.


Global Network

As Hanover Solar GmbH, we maintain a global infrastructure network to support your individual demands and have developed strong relationships with key distributors and developers. The headquarters is located in Steinfurt, Germany for manger all global branch companies, also with sales & warehousing local German market; Warsaw, Poland company is for a growing up commercial installations market in Europe, Barcelona, Spain company for a chance to grow up in the Spanish-speaking countries solar business. And Shanghai, China, Fukuka Japan, Sydney Australia & Perth Australia companies are better service in Asia Pacific markets.